Clinical placement is an important part of the School of Nursing and Midwifery student experience, providing the real life practice essential to ensuring robust, well-rounded, job-ready graduates.

Please DO NOT contact any venue regarding accommodation bookings etc. until you are advised that SONIA is open for you to view your allocations. The hospital staff will not know you are coming before then as you will not appear in their system.

** 2nd Year Students:
There is a new place for you to upload your ANSAT and Timesheets (weekly) so that your Facilitator can easily find them. Please download the instructions from the right hand side of this page so you know what to do while on placement.

UON Contact Information

Clinical Placement Officer: Nicole Andrews, 49216336

Clinical Placement Officer: Sara Donnelly 49216326

Director of Clinical Education: Dr Sara Geale 49217707

Facilitator Contact Process

Contact the Call Centre on 40361106 and provide your facilitator's name.

The Call Centre will take your details and contact your facilitator who will then contact you as soon as they are able.