School of Education - Faculty of Education & Arts

Welcome to the Professional Experience Unit (PEU) SONIA placement system home page.

The SONIA placement system is used to manage Teacher Education students professional experience placements for the SCHOOL OF EDUCATION within the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle.

If you experience any problems logging onto SONIA please notify the Professional Experience Unit as soon as possible.

Interested in the Teach Outreach volunteer program?

Schools/Services: To find out more about the Teach Outreach program or to register your Teach Outreach voluntary opportunities, visit Teach Outreach web site.

Education program students: You can view Teach Outreach volunteer opportunities on SONIA! Interested? Go to your SONIA Placements page and add yourself to the Teach Outreach Volunteer Program – 2017 group (Hint: click on the green + Join button to the right of the Teach Outreach heading). You can now view and allocate yourself to volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Need to contact PEU staff?

For a list of Professional Experience Unit staff contacts please refer to the PEU web site 

Experiencing problems uploading your Child Protection Awareness Certificate or  Anaphylaxis Certificate?

This may be because your document file size is to large. Any document uploaded to your  SONIA 'My Documents' page must be 1MB or less.  When scanning your Certificates, set your scanner DPI (dots per inch) setting as low as possible (100 DPI grey scale or 100 DPI full colour) and your scanned Certificates should be under the 1MB limit. All scanners will have the ability to vary the DPI (Dots per inch). NOTE: Please scan your Certificate as a PDF.  Students MUST NOT upload any file with the following extension (JPEG of JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF or BMP)